CQC evidence CQC audits CQC infection control

PRICE: £2500 + VAT

* - Prices may vary depending on the type of organisation i.e. GP Surgery, Dental Surgery, Care Home, Nursing Home, Domiciliary Service, Emergency Service, Private Health Clinics, Cosmetic Clinics, Pregnancy Scan Units, Hospital and Acute Services.

CQC Policies, Procedures, and protocols (PPP Package)

We have standard policies, procedures and protocols in line with national legislation and fully CQC compliant. These are tailored and focused to the type of service your organisation provides; these are fully writable copies which you can further adapt and review on a yearly basis as required by CQC standards. This comprehensive package includes:

  • Policies
  • Procedures
  • Protocols
  • Audit toolkits (all audits are required for evidence)
  • Assessments (all assessments are required for evidence)
  • Workflow Procedures  
  • HR & Finance Checklists
  • Asset and Equipment Management Logs


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